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As a web developer’s client, one of your assurances that the person you hired knows what they’re doing is by seeing a certificate. While, experience is always the best  teacher, it also helps that your developer has both experience, good portfolio, good reviews and certificates to back up their big talk.

As a professional selling my skills, proper education is both an advantage and an investment. The tech industry is always changing and improving so it’s important for everyone working in web development to keep their skills relevant, updated and sharp.

When professionals train, they not only find ways to improve their workflow, quality, and speed – they also accumulate knowledge from thousands of work hours, priceless experience and know-how from multiple industry leaders that are too expensive to hire for your projects.

Below are some certificates from classes, seminars and workshops.


Scanned image of Monika Ortega, freelance webdeveloper from Philippines' HTML Certification

I got my HTML certificate from Genetics Computer Institute way back in 2002. Prior to starting, I already played with enough HTML codes from websites I frequently visit and created my own one-page, really tacky HTML only websites (CSS was not yet widely practiced). While learning online and from experience is a practical approach, proper education from experienced professionals helped me understand what exactly I was doing and how I should do it.


 Joomla Certification

As businesses started transitioning digitally, websites grew bigger and bigger. A huge Fifty (50) pages of HTML became nothing compared to a thousand (1000) pages from Content Management Systems (CMS).


Monika Ortega, Philippines-based Freelance Webdeveloper's SEO Certificate

As early as 2006, I was already submitting websites to directories, linkbuilding and optimizing meta tags. As more and more websites joined the world wide web, search engines found a way to filter relevance and quality. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method by search engines to rank websites. In this essence, it makes no sense for any business to have a website if nobody knows it exists. Thus, I decided to include SEO to my list of skills.


Monika Ortega, Philippines Based Freelance Web Developer's PHP, MySQL, Javascript, JQuery certificate

Websites started out as static pages. Similar to magazines or catalogs where you just read and view the content. However, as more visitors were able to access websites, more features were being put up. Visitors started to be able to interact with websites via sign up, comments and forms which require databases (MySQL) & PHP.


Monika Ortega, phillippines based freelance web developer's mobile responsive certificate

It was only a matter of time before users demanded convenience at their fingertips and the web had to adapt. Having websites available for mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, ipads was yet another challenge developers have to adapt to. Included in mobile responsiveness is testing for different sizes of devices and optimizing the site to be light enough for existing data plans.


Monika Ortega, Philippines Based Freelance Web Developer's Front End Web Development Certificate with Holger Bartel

As if more information and the convenience of mobile development wasn’t enough, the digital world has become more competitive by spoiling their users even more with User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). My business degree definitely helps by letting me think from the perspective of the client. Thereby making the UI/UX aspect a bit of common sense for me. While that may be the case, it definitely helps to be introduced to tools and techniques by the very talented Mr. Holger Bartel.

Other Certificates


Certificate of Recognition from DLSU


Certificate from DLSU MooMedia

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