Day 2 of #100DaysOfCode Challenge

While studying AngularJS, I stumbled upon the Twitter keyword #100DaysOfCode. Apparently, it’s a challenge for anyone to spend 1 hour of coding everyday for 100 days. Since I’m already learning a language, I figured why not join?

So far it’s only day 2 and I’m pleasantly surprised by the blessing I received late this morning when I received an HTML5 + CSS3 project (btw, I’m not sorry for my username):

So at least that’s 2 days down. My first day I was able to read through 8 articles of AngularJS lessons from W3Schools. I’m counting that because I don’t just read, I legit try their “Try it!” feature and locally hosted exercises.

After this challenge, I intend to create mini-projects listed in Karan’s Mega Project List in GitHub for each language I’ve learned and publish them in this portfolio site as samples.